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.appStore Implementation

Discover how to implement your .appStore
This is the fun part. There are many choices as to how one can implement an .appStore using the Meroku ecosystem and .appStore Kit. Here we present some of the options along with their use cases that may help you decide.


Reference Implementation
Custom Implementation
Fast. In less than 10 mins
Takes a couple of days to weeks
Basic features like search, browse, listing, rating, reviews
Can have more advanced and sophisticated mechanisms
web, Android
iOS is not supported by reference implementation yet
Ideal for
Lean team that wants to ship quickly and iterate
Solid team with a power packed app store to build
Regardless of the way you choose to implement your .appStore, our APIs and support will ensure you're able to do so with ease.
If you've made your choice, choose the color of your pill:
🔴 Custom Impl