Meroku Protocol

Powering the decentralized app store revolution

Meroku (noun) is derived from Heroku (noun). Instead of "he," it's "me," reflecting the central ideology behind our ecosystem: The app store ecosystem should be decentralized, transferring power to the community.

Meroku is a decentralized app store protocol allowing users to explore and access a vast range of applications from both the web2 and web3 worlds. Unlike traditional app stores that are akin to walled gardens, Meroku is entirely open and decentralized, giving users the freedom to discover mobile apps without reliance on any central authority.

The Meroku Protocol consists of on-chain smart contracts that serve as the source of truth.

Notably, it contains following contracts

  1. .app NFT

  2. .dev NFT

  3. .appstore NFT

More details on them below

.app NFT

The .app NFT contains metadata like name, description, screenshots, logo, and banner for each app. Developers mint this NFT and add details about their creation. Once minted and updated, the app becomes visible in the registry.

Polygon Mainnet Contract - 0xFe88444bf2dd671cdfC2FDab8c6642df3d2E3970

.dev NFT

The .dev NFT contains store developer information like name, website, and support URL. This is required alongside each .app NFT before publishing to the registry. This helps links apps to their creators.

.app and .dev NFTs are minted by developers, enabling creation of an open app ecosystem.

Mainnet Contract - 0xe7A9D456A6F406acC29393c58704F7fde941F76d

.appStore NFT

The .appStore NFT stores metadata about each decentralized app store implementation. It includes details like the name, description, and custom features of the app store.

This NFT empowers app stores with the ability to override dApp metadata, block certain dApps from their market if needed, and create featured sections to showcase top apps. The .appStore NFT facilitates the creation of diverse, specialized app stores within the open Meroku ecosystem.

App stores can leverage these capabilities to curate their own unique brand identities and experiences, while still benefiting from the shared infrastructure of Meroku. The .appStore NFT enables app store individuality without compromising the collective spirit of decentralization.

Mainnet Contract - 0x965ed5eA1D95419193BD74F3259A34725827108b

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